NETCHESS is free for any use. You can modify source code but you have to add "readme" file and write what you modifacate.
Newest version : 1.2

Windows - binaries

http://netchess.wz.cz/download/netchess12_win.zip (290kB)
http://netchess.wz.cz/download/netchess12_win.7z (235kB)

Linux - binaries (i386)

http://netchess.wz.cz/download/netchess12_lin.tar (580kB)


http://netchess.wz.cz/download/netchess12_src.tar (120kB)
http://netchess.wz.cz/download/netchess12_src.7z (27kB)
If you want compile sources, you will need FLTK www.fltk.org
In archieve is also included DevCpp project file.
* Files with extension .7z is packed in 7-zip format. More informations you can find at www.7-zip.org

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